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    From equipment to gumballs to stickers to capsules and beyond,  Five Star / TJ King is your one-stop shopping source for all your flat vend, bulk vend, and full-line vending needs.

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Click here to check out the newest vend products available! We are constantly adding new vending items, so check back often!


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Featured Items!


More Info
Was : $33.00
Now : $33.00

LYPC Pro-Line Red Gumball Machine

More Info
Was : $67.32
Now : $67.32

Caps 2.0 Emoji Plush 250ct

More Info
Was : $44.00
Now : $44.00

KNOBBIE BALLS 5 INCH 250CT(requires inflation)

More Info
Was : $47.33
Now : $47.33


More Info
Was : $41.50
Now : $33.50

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